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Onsite training: From Promoter Analysis to Omics Data Analysis

Part 1: Analyzing Gene Sets with TRANSFAC & PROTEOME

  • Introduction to TRANSFAC and PROTEOME search interface, standard searches for transcription factors, for diseases, for pathways
  • Functional analysis for pathways, GO terms, disease terms, with HumanPSD and TRANSPATH (PROTEOME)
  • Analysis of single promoters for putative transcription factor binding sites with TRANSFAC

Part 2: Analyzing Genomic Intervals and Variants with TRANSFAC and geneXplain platform

  • Analysis of BED format data (e.g. ChIP-seq) in TRANSFAC
  • Variant Analysis (Identification of TFBSs affected by genomic variants) integrated in the geneXplain platform

Part 3: Upstream analysis as integrated promoter & pathway analysis Upstream analysis (integrated promoter–pathway analysis) using TRANSFAC and PROTEOME integrated in the geneXplain platform:

identification of transcription factors

identification of master regulators

  • Introduction of the GenomeEnhancer software, automatically generated reports
Monday, December 10, 2018
9:00am - 12:00pm
C-103, SHM, 333 Cedar St, New Haven, 06510
Medical School
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