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Getting Started with LaTeX

This workshop provides an overview of using LaTeX for document preparation. It covers both the process of working with the system and the markup syntax used. LaTeX is popular in academic communities, especially those that make use of symbols and notation as part of scholarly communication.

The workshop does not assume any familiarity with LaTeX or other markup languages. We will use the ShareLaTeX web service for this workshop.

Software Used: ShareLaTeX account


This workshop covers:

  • why use LaTeX
  • adding basic content and document structure
  • changing the appearance of text
  • including mathematical notation and other symbols in documents
  • the basics of tables and pictures

See more about this workshop and access materials at http://statlab.yale.edu/workshops/latex/

During this Workshop

Participants will be able to download materials for the workshop and are encouraged to listen, practice, and interact as it suits their learning style.

The sessions will conclude with exercises with instructional staff available for help.

Preparing for this Workshop

This workshop is designed for attendees who have the following:

  • a Yale NetID to use lab machines or personal computer
  • basic experience with the Windows OS (if using a lab computer)

In order to provide the best learning experience possible, we ask that you arrive before the scheduled start-time of the workshop. Arriving more than 5 minutes late may make it difficult to catch up with the other participants.

Please email statlab@yale.edu with any questions about this workshop.

This workshop will not be recorded, but session materials will be openly available at http://statlab.yale.edu/workshops/latex/

Friday, October 19, 2018
10:00am - 12:30pm
KBT C27 (Computer Classroom) Center for Science and Social Science Information (CSSSI)
Science Hill
  Digital Scholarship     StatLab  
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Event Organizer

Jonathan Olmsted