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Webinar: Intro and demo to MetaDrug: Systems pharmacology

Webinar: Intro and demo to MetaDrug: Systems pharmacology

MetaDrug is a leading systems pharmacology solution that incorporates extensive manually curated information on biological effects of small molecule compounds. Predictive and analytical algorithms look at chemical compounds from different angles in one integrated workflow are available for:

  • Individual previously described compounds to look up their known information and predict currently unknown properties
  • Individual newly synthesized or isolated compounds to predict their properties from its structures
  • Compound libraries to extract known and predict new properties of individual compounds and perform their comparison and prioritization

Use MetaDrug to:

  • Find known and predict possible targets of small molecules.
  • Find biological pathways affected by small molecules.
  • Predict indications your drug may be active for.
  • Discover biomarkers of drug efficacy.
  • Predict compound metabolites, ADME properties and side effects.

MetaDrug: Systems pharmacology

Wednesday, January 31, 2018
9:00am - 11:00am
Cushing/Whitney Medical Library, Simbonis Conference Room 101A, 333 Cedar St, New
Medical School
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