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Intermediate GIS: ArcGIS

This workshop will build upon the Introduction to GIS workshop by introducing students to a variety of tools for spatial analysis. Students will use the ArcGIS software suite to load, manipulate, analyze, and visualize data. We will consider strategies for working with both vector and raster data.

The workshop assumes familiarity and comfort with the material in “Intro to GIS: ArcGIS”.

Software Used: Esri ArcGIS for Desktop


As time allows, topics to be covered include:

  • coordinate systems and projections
  • geospatial data management
  • creating spatially explicit datasets (geocoding and georeferencing)
  • measures of central tendency (spatial means, standard distances, proximity)
  • estimating geographic distributions (interpolation, kernel density estimation)
  • measuring geographic distributions (spatial autocorrelation and clustering/’hot spot analysis’)
  • basic raster analysis (local, focal, and zonal functions)
  • non-Euclidean raster operations (impedance layers, cost distance, least cost paths, cost allocation).

Before you come

This workshop is designed for attendees who have the following:

  • a Yale NetID to use lab machines
  • basic experience with the Windows OS

Please email gis_reference@mailman.yale.edu with any questions about this workshop.

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Friday, September 29, 2017
1:30pm - 3:30pm
KBT C27 (Computer Classroom) Center for Science and Social Science Information (CSSSI)
Science Hill
  Center for Science and Social Science Information (CSSSI)     Data     GIS & Geospatial Workshops     StatLab  
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