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The License & Copyright Dance!

(Adapted from The License & Copyright Jigsaw Puzzle: Making the Pieces Fit—ER&L 2017)

You put the right clause in, you put the wrong clause out, put another clause in and shake it all about, now you’re doing the License & Copyright dance…

With the booming growth in purchase of/subscription to eresources, comes a booming growth in license negotiation, an understanding of how the license intersects with copyright law, and how a contract legally binds it all together.

What rights do libraries have to use the digital content we acquire, why do we have them, and how do we negotiate and manage them? This talk will help answer these questions by providing a deeper, focused look at the rights associated with the digital content that libraries acquire and support, and how they are expressed through license agreements, copyrights, and contract law. Joan Emmet, the Library's Licenscing & Copyright Librarian will be your dance instructor for the session. Let’s have an open discussion about how licensing directs our use of materials and how nuanced terms can affect library services such as interlibrary loan, collection development policy, and support for teaching and learning.

Wednesday, June 28, 2017
9:00am - 10:00am
Bass L01-A, Bass L01-B
Central Campus
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Joan Emmet
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Sarah Tudesco