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YCRC Bootcamp: Scripting with Python

YCRC Bootcamp - Scripting with Python is a two hour introductory course on Python, a modern, interpreted scripting language that is easy to learn, and allows you to quickly automate tasks.    

The course will cover:

  • Basic Python syntax and data types
  • Basic tasks like reading and writing files
  • Using Python modules for additional functionality
  • Walk-through examples of useful Python scripting for HPC
  • Anaconda python and the Jupyter notebook
  • Using pandas and numpy for data analysis

This is not a hands on course.

The course will be taught by YCRC members Steve Weston, HPC Support Specialist, and Rob Bjornson Ph.D., Senior Research Scientist.

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Course material:

  • Slide Deck Presentations


                      -Data Analysis


This workshop is presented by the Yale Center for Research Computing. Other workshops in this series can be seen here: http://research.computing.yale.edu/calendar/upcoming-events/hpc-training

Wednesday, January 25, 2017
1:00pm - 3:00pm
Science Hill
Data   Digital Scholarship   Programming   Yale Center for Research Computing  

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